Upcoming Events

This season we are pleased to offer five concert cycles in two different locations in Washington Heights - check each event page for specific information. You can purchase tickets in advance online, at the Box Office, or at the door. We look forward to seeing you there!



What Keeps Me Awake

October 18 & 19

Exploring existence.

In this concert we explore anxieties and achievements of life! Featuring Puerto Rica-born composer Angélica Negrón’s probing “What Keeps Me Awake,”; Heitor Villa-Lobos’ complex “Guitar Concerto,” and Robert Schumann’s triumphant 2nd Symphony. Following the Saturday concert, find out what really keeps us all awake with a coffee tasting for Friends of the WHO.




Arroz con Schnitzel

November 15 & 16

Afro-Cubano Meets Vienna.
Arroz con Schnitzel style. In this varied concert, we explore the sounds of Washington Heights-based composer Valerie Coleman’s tonal “Afro Cuban Concerto,” followed by Mozart’s timeless “Clarinet Quintet,” and Arnold Schoenberg’s pivotal Chamber Symphony No. 1. As satisfying as chicken and rice. This event will be followed by a dance presentation and lesson by the Washington Heights Dance Project for Friends of the WHO.


Melodies Pour Out of Me

February 7 & 8

Lyrical reality.
When describing his 8th Symphony, Dvorak wrote “melodies pour out of me.” This concert explores the these of melodies across three different times and spaces. We begin with Dominican composer José Cerón’s nostalgic “A la caída de la tarde” (At the End of the Afternoon), followed by a new violin concerto by Music Director Chris Whittaker. We end the concert with Dvorak’s indelibly melodic 8th Symphony. We conclude the concert with a beverage tasting for Friends of the WHO.


Above 155th Street

March 27 & 28

Sounds from the top of the world.
A concert celebrating Upper Manhattan and all the sounds it has to offer. This concert features music of Washington Heights-based composers, including works by Aaron J. Kernis, Jessica Meyer, Joel Hoffman, Peter Gordon, and others.


Your Distant Destiny

May 15th & 16th

Music Beyond Ourselves.
We offer a new take on “The Three B’s” - featuring Washington Heights-based composer Paul Brantley’s “On the Pulse of Morning,” Dominican composer Bustamante’s saxophone concerto, and Beethoven’s 5th Symphony as we explore sounds that inspire us to strive…