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The WHO would not exist without the support of our volunteers. Our volunteers help to ensure a great concert-going experience for the audience, as well as a variety of support for the orchestra. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, check out our Opportunities page.



My name is Morgan but you can call me Alejandro, that is my middle name (as many prefer it); I've been volunteering for WHCO since 2016 and if you ask me why I've been doing this, I'd response without any doubt that is because I love the idea that is bringing wonderful music and excellent performances to the community in an accessible way that creates not just a good experience for people but also a sense of being a part of a diverse community. One of the things I enjoy the most being a volunteer for WHCO is the opportunity to see and listen to great performances of talented musicians and the Music Director, Chris Whittaker. A fun fact about me is that in one concert I was in charge of the lights but I was so absorbed with intensity of the music that I forgot to increase the stage lights, I was in such a magical lapse of music that a camera man had to motion for me to turn on the light!



Ariel Kurtz loves being the Social Media Manager of WHCO as well as volunteering for WHCO for two years! When she is not posting on Social Media for WHCO or volunteering with them, she is also a performer, writer, teaching artist, website designer and activist. She is very passionate about making art accessible for everyone regardless of ability or financial status. Her work as a performer has been seen at Williamstown Theatre Festival and Manhattan Rep. Her poetry has been published in Unread Magazine and The Student Connection. If you want to learn more about her, follow her at @ArielKurtz13 or visit her website www.ArielKurtz.com for more information.



My name is Moses and I have been volunteering with WHCO for two years. I started volunteering here when I came across a posting on Volunteer Match and the mission of WHCO was exactly something I believe in—amazing art that’s accessible to everyone. I’m so grateful to volunteer because it means having a new family that I get to see every month! A fun fact about me is that I have been an Irish Dancer for 12 years! Currently I dance with the New York Studio of Irish Step Dance. 



My name is Porfirio but everyone calls me Porfi. I started volunteering with WHCO because the music is terrific, the concerts were free, and I wanted to give back. I saw how it unified the community. My favorite thing about WHCO is the positive vibe and how everyone is welcome. It put "the heights" on the music scene map! I've been in "the arts" my whole life. I believe "the arts" keep our hearts and communities alive. Music connects our human spirit!