Arroz Con Schnitzel

Afro-Cubano Meets Vienna.


A Concert - Arroz con Schnitzel style. In this varied concert, we explore the sounds of Washington Heights-based composer Valerie Coleman’s tonal “Afro Cuban Concerto,” followed by Mozart’s timeless “Clarinet Quintet,” and Arnold Schoenberg’s pivotal Chamber Symphony No. 1. As satisfying as chicken and rice. This event will be followed by a dance presentation and lesson by the Washington Heights Dance Project for Friends of the WHCO.

 Two Performances:

Friday, November 15 - 7:00 PM
Location: TBC

Saturday, November 16 - 3:00 PM
Fort Washington Collegiate Church


In Detail


Described as one of the "Top 35 Female Composers in Classical Music" by critic Anne Midgette of the Washington Post, Valerie Coleman (B. 1970) is among the world's most played composers living today. Whether it be live or via radio, her compositions are easily recognizable for their inspired style and can be throughout venues, institutions and competitions globally. The Boston Globe describes Coleman as a having a “talent for delineating form and emotion with shifts between ingeniously varied instrumental combinations” and The New York Times observes her compositions as “skillfully wrought, buoyant music”. With works that range from flute sonatas that recount the stories of trafficked humans during Middle Passage and orchestral and chamber works based on nomadic Roma tribes, to scherzos about moonshine in the Mississippi Delta region and motifs based from Morse Code, her body of works have been highly regarded as a deeply relevant contribution to modern music.