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The Mighty Cacophonous Orchestrasauras

Bring the WHCO to your elementary school with The Mighty Cacophonous Orchestrasauras: a fun, interactive musical experience for students K - 5th grade.

WHCO presents a special in-school concert where we’ll discover together what makes the orchestra such an amazing creature! Think you can tame the “Mighty Cacophonous Orchestrasauras?”

Students will color, sing, dance, listen, conduct, and rock out with the WHCO! For more information, write to us at info@washingtonheightsorchestra.org

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Composing Our Future / Componiendo Nuestro Futuro

Launching new pilot after-school program in NYC District 6

In the fall of 2019, the Washington Heights Chamber Orchestra is launching a pilot program in a District 6 High School, “Composing Our Future” with the objective of fostering students’ creativity, instilling arts appreciation, and empowering youth leadership.

The class will meet weekly for 1.5 hours after school where students will be guided through the process of writing their own original songs and musical compositions. The class will include listening and narrative writing activities with the objective of emboldening students to think critically and imaginatively about music. No prior musical experience is required, but class size will be limited to allow for individual attention.

At the end of the semester, students will perform their songs with help from members of the Washington Heights Chamber Orchestra in a public concert.

If you are interested in your school hosting our pilot program, please write to us at info@washingtonheightsorchestra.org.